An impartial, reliable, market-driven valuation of an Information Technology professional service organization requires more than an independent third party with basic financial skills.  A comprehensive assessment requires an advisor familiar not only with public comparables and transaction multiples, but also with an understanding of the tangible and intangible qualities that drive corporate value.  Ideally, the advisor possesses both specialized financial training and certification with prior organizational experience in various Information Technology sectors. Finally, the advisor is free from management’s expectations of value, removed from compromising conflicts of interest.  Lyndhurst Partners is such an advisor. 

In general, our process includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Analysis of relevant general economic and market conditions, demographics and industry data collected through independent research of publicly-available resources;
  • Discussions with the Company, and/or others that are knowledgeable about the Company to gain an understanding of the nature of the business, its history, its future prospects, and to obtain an explanation and clarification of data provided;
  • Analysis of the Company’s operational and financial records and other corporate information to gain an understanding of its current and historical financial condition and performance;
  • Analysis of the Company’s historical and future earnings and cash flow;
  • Search for, analysis of, and comparison to potentially similar companies that are publicly traded and/or which have been recently acquired in arms-length transactions; and
  • Prior transactions involving the business, if any.
Lyndhurst Partners provides financial, industry, and market expertise in meeting the demands of the most challenging valuation engagements.  Our experts perform business valuation assignments on a confidential basis for business owners, executives, investors and professional advisors.  As part of our service Lyndhurst Partners performs a comprehensive analysis of external value drivers including:
  • General Economic Environment
  • Specific Market Conditions
  • Maturation of the Market
  • Supply of Qualified Sellers
  • Strategic Synergies
  • Competitive Pressures
  • Demand of Qualified Buyers
  • Public Comparables
  • Transaction Multiples
  • Nature of Acquisition Currency