As a firm committed to the pursuit of the IT services sector, Lyndhurst Partners is exposed regularly to broad changes in market dynamics and trends.  Additionally, we are in perpetual assessment of individual organizations, evaluating different business models and studying the associated implications of each on an organization’s current and future strategic alternatives.  Finally, we draw from a history of buy-side representation engagements through which we have gained an insider’s perspective on those factors that increase both the attractiveness and the associated value of a target organization.  As a result of our market exposure, corporate assessment, and historical buy-side representation we understand definitively the specific corporate strategies that work to successfully drive value within an organization.

Lyndhurst Partners provides this understanding to individual management teams via its Business Value Consulting services.  During a day-long consulting session Lyndhurst Partners assesses an organization in light of its current corporate strategies, performs a gap analysis noting existing strategic and corporate deficiencies, leads a discussion detailing the consistent drivers of business value, and provides an objective framework from which specific recommendations are made.  This process refines an organization’s optimal business strategy and better positions it for potential sale. 

Though the specific characteristics desired by acquiring organizations regularly differ in regards to geographical preference, service offerings, revenue size, and personnel headcount, there are a number of strategic constants that all buyers consider as they review acquisition opportunities.  Lyndhurst Partners redirects organizational energies towards the development of these strategic constants, empowering the development of future value over time.