The competitive landscape for IT professional service organizations is in the midst of fundamental change.  Clients, particularly larger organizations, increasingly demand a greater depth and breadth of available service offerings.  Additionally, the introduction and maturation of a global delivery model places further pressure on financial margins.  In an era in which more is required for less, organizations are faced with difficult questions related to service offering pricing and expansion.  Service providers may ensure project wins, but at the expense of profitability; they may placate the demands of their clients, while potentially diluting their expertise.  Further, organizations competitive in the marketplace only a few years ago now find that their previously successful business models are challenged by current organizational, operational and delivery constructs. 

Despite these market-driven changes a few business constants remain. Value remains in executive-level relationships and in a differentiated value proposition.  Few organizations, however, develop both the executive-level relationships and required expertise to fully capitalize on client opportunities.  In these instances, synergistic corporate relationships create compelling service and delivery partnerships.

Lyndhurst Partners works with organizations to understand their strengths as well as their business struggles and needs.  We help them understand both the competitive environment and prevailing market trends. We then provide specific recommendations that assist clients in the improvement of their strategic positioning and aid in the development of relationships that enable them to capitalize more fully on available market opportunity.